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Because of the Summer Travels our
Community Pot Luck will be cancelled in June. 
We look forward to seeing you July 15!
Tai Chi: Balance of Mind & Body
Master Dee is expanding her services to include multiple levels of proficiency & experience.
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Thursday Evenings Out Doors - weather permitting
. . . enjoy the evening breeze as we move with Nature! 
June  22 -August 10 -
 8 Class Series - 75.00 
or Drop -In fee 10.00
Master Dee Arianne Rockwood is an accomplished martial artists and Tai Chi Master.  She is offering an eight-week course: 
Tai Chi Yang-Style: Modified Short Form.
   The Health Benefits of Tai Chi                                                                                                 Tai =  (Physical Strength)
  Chi = (Internal an/or Spiritual Strength)
  The focusing of your Internal Strength in support of your physical  
  Body by controlled movement and breathing provides
 (per published literature):
  • Increased BALANCE and Coordination- beneficial in the recovery of STROKE and or INJURY, as well as, improving and maintaining your FLEXIBILITY. 
  • Regaining MENTAL ACUITY, sharpening focus; some medical evidence of helping to fight dementia.
  •  Oxygenation of your blood & stimulation of Cardio-Vascular System.
  • IMMUNE SYSTEM strengthened by expanding & cleaning  the Lungs through the stretching & revitalizing of the capillaries for more efficient exchange of Oxygen & Carbon Dioxide
  • This Ancient Chinese form of Exercise has the reputation for increasing longevity of it's practitioners.              
This class will focus on developing inner balance through movement and focused concentration.
This is part of our Special Focus Class series. 

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SomaEnergetics Programs 
Developed by Sound Therapy Pioneer,
 David Hulse, CVSMT 
Sunday, August 27, 1-5:30  
The Mindfully Well Center:
1) "Using the Solfeggio to Match the Frequency of YOUR Desires!" 
Through the science of sound we can open vibrational pathways that connect our personal energy body to Universal Energy matching the frequency of our hearts desires.  We will work directly with the Solfeggio Energy Tuners to match the frequency of YOUR desires including protocols for: 
~ Aligning with Soul Purpose                            ~ Career or Job Change 
~ Raising Your Consciousness                           ~ Peace of Mind 
~ Physical & Mental Wellness                           ~ Harmonious Relationships (Current or New) 
You will also learn how to create your own protocol for your specific desires. 
Come and PLAY!
2) "Brainwaves and Sacred Ratios with Brain, Sun and Moon, and Fibonacci Tuners!"
Using Brain Tuners to Enhance Your Quality of Life and Open Portals for Manifestation!   Your brain has nerve cells that fire  electrical signals and oscillate in distinctive arrangements called  brainwave patterns. These patterns are closely connected to your thoughts, emotions, moods, biological chemistry, everything you do, and really, everything you are.   Imagine if you could easily and gently change those patterns and enter which ever state of mind you desire at any time through the use of tuning forks!  We will also learn a technique to enter altered states of consciousness with Fibonacci Tuners!   Experiential Workshop - we will learn techniques and play with the forks!
Early Bird Combo for both workshops is $49, after that it's $59. Receive a $15 product credit to use at the workshop.
Call and register 769-5019

  MindFully Well Center | 937-769-5019  
1525 Xenia Ave., Yellow Springs, Ohio 45387 |
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