Green Hills with Blue Sky

TLC Services Provided

Providing individual & couples counseling and health educational sessions.

Treatment specialization includes:

Mental Health Therapy (Some Insurance coverage)
• Stress Management
• Individual Therapy for Depression and Anxiety
• Couples Counseling
• Grief Counseling
• Work and Career issues
• Integrative Health Management Series
• Mindful Stress Management
• Mindful Nutrition & Weight Management
• Mindful Sleep Management
Mindful Aging into the Golden Years

Assessment (Some Insurance coverage)
• Cognitive / Intelligence
• Memory / Dementia
• Neurobehavioral
• Holistic Wellness Assessment
• Independent Medical Exams (e.g. Disability Claims ) are not covered by Insurance - Please request the Private Pay Fee Schedule.
Ayurvedic Rejuvenative Therapy
• Shirodhara: Calming & soothing continuous flow of warm herbal oil over the forehead.
• Nasyam: Purifying application of oils to the nostrils.
• Reiki & Energy Work Connecting the “Spirit Within” to the Mind and Body.
• Mindfully Well Yoga: designd to facilitate healing & Strengthening during your PK experience
• Mindful Dining: cleansing & nourshing organic foods based on your Dosha (mind-body type).
• Meditation & Prana Yama: designed to fit the stages of your PK experience.
Personal Development Coaching (Private Pay)
• Career Development
• Athlete Mind Training
• Holistic Health & Wellness

Services are offered in a comfortable and supportive atmosphere. They range from personal development and growth aimed at building on your inherent strengths, to addressing stressors that affect daily functioning and mood.  Whether you prefer individual, group or class settings, all services are tailored to your needs and style. 
Helpful Forms

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