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Who We Are 

The Mindfully Well Center is a collective of practitioners, each devoted to their healing art and science. Together, in an integrative fashion, clients of all ages, from teens to seniors, are offered an array of services according to individual needs.



To provide a safe, supportive environment for motivated individuals to explore, grow and heal.



We inspire and support ambitious indivuals seeking a wholistic appraoch to health and wellness as they explore alternative and contemporary therapies and methods that support their wellness  journey. We achieve this by providing indiviualized, confidential services in a nurturing environment.


Our services are divided into four main categories:


Transitional Life Counseling: Counseling--- Personal, Private & Mental Health  read more....


NeuMind: Neurofeedback & Neurocognitve Assessment.  read more....

        ADHD, Dementia, Headaches, Post-Stroke, or just to check in on your current Mental Status & Memory (Independent, Confidential Medical Exams).


Yoga for Health: Evidence Based Yoga Therapies and general classes. read more....


Rejuvination Spa: Full Scale spa including various massage styles, Reike, Reflexology,  read more....

Ayurvedic Clinic & Wellness Classes

Choose the service that best suits your needs. Details can be found by clicking on the links listed on the menu.