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Yoga for Health

Mindfully Well Center Presents: Yoga for Health




Harmonizing the Mind, Body and Spirit

Join us as we take a physical, mental and emotional break from our daily duties and routines. Yoga for Health offers an individualized approach to stress management as it aims to address your specific health needs.  
From Mindfulness Stress Reduction to specialized Yoga Nidra, our classes nourish your body and soothe your soul!

Our experienced yoga teachers are trained in many disciplines including counseling, philosophy and physics, music therapy and health promotions. They integrate their Tender, Loving Care approach to yoga with these areas of expertise to create a specialized yoga environment.

We welcome you to join us in our cozy yoga studio!

 Weekly Yoga Schedule

Weekly Yoga Schedule

Sunday            See Workshop Schedule              

Monday          10:00 AM      Better Bones                                Reena

Tuesday          09:00 AM     Gentle Awakening                        Doc Shaw / No Charge      
                         6:30  P M    Yoga is Mediation      


Thursday        10:00 AM      Better Bones                                  Reena


Saturday         09:30 AM      Yoga Exploration-Intermediate     Philip

Saturday         12:00 Noon    Integral Yoga-Beginners               Kohila               

Weekly Class Fees / Rates
  • Drop In/Single Class $10 
  • 10-Class Package $80 (8 per class - save $20)
  • 20-Class Package $140 (7 per class - save $60) 


        50% off regular class schedule

  • Drop-In/Single Class: 5         12-Class Package: $55 

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Annual Workshops 

Awakening the Intuitive Heart: In this time of living in a stressful world, surrounded by overwhelming information, it becomes difficult to make choices, to sort out healing modalities, and to cleanse ourselves of negative beliefs which limit the possibilities for maximizing our experience in this life. Focus will be on the solar plexus or abdominal brain (our center of feeling, intuition and will), the heart brain whose role is sensing and feeling, and the third eye (middle of forehead) which is the complex center of enhanced perception for tapping into the mysteries of inner wisdom and insight. Includes gentle yoga postures, mudras, breathing techniques, and meditations.

Babies & Caregivers Yoga: This class introduces asanas and pranayama as tools for mothers, fathers, and caregivers to access a sense of calm and wellbeing while bonding with their baby and experiencing the power and comfort of community. For new mothers, this class also serves to tone and stretch the body in order to support the physical adjustments to motherhood. No prior yoga experience necessary.

Candlelight Restorative Yoga: Renew the body, mind, and spirit through supportive yoga postures and breathing techniques. This workshop will combine gentle stretching to open the body with restorative poses to encourage relaxation. Experience a calming practice that will leave you full of peace and tranquility. No prior yoga experience necessary.

Healing the Chakras: Chakas are vital energy forces within the body. Each chakra vibrates with a unique energy level and relates to the glands, organs, physical structure, emotional, psychological and spiritual nature. Yoga postures, mudras, breathing, music and visualization for each Chakra help open and balance the qualities of each energy center quickly, refreshing your spirit and empowering your life.

Mindfullness-Based Stress Reduction: From decades in mental health and meditation, Joyce Reena Appell presents a six-week course including yoga, stress-reduction techniques, meditation, and a set of practice CD's by Jon Kabat- Zin.

Psoas, So what?: Freeing your psoas can greatly improve flexibility, balance, posture, organ health, circulation and breath capacity. It can dramatically change the way you do any activity you love- yoga, running, aerobics, gardening, golfing, playing with your kids or grandkids.
Psoas Upgrade: If you have taken the introductory course but find it difficult to do the release movements on your own, have slipped back into old patterns of restrictions, or just want to move to the next level, then Psoas Upgrade is for you! Techniques for releasing will be reviewed along with additional release techniques with a focus on application for daily living such as walking, sitting, and other movements.

Relax & Renew with Restorative Yoga: Restorative Yoga involves putting the body into positions supported by lots of props, so that you can completely let go and relax without effort. This is very calming and restorative to the central nervous system and quieting to the mind, helping us to find peace within. Mudras (hand positions), combined with guided meditations, and breathing practices will help us to withdraw our senses inward and awaken to our own innate healing resources. 
Valentines Day Yoga for the Heart: Enjoy Valentines day with partner yoga! Class involves working with another person to come in to and gently hold yoga poses. It is supportive and lots of fun. It includes gentle stretching, breathing techniques for calming and nourishing, mudras for the heart, and a focus on gratitude and appreciation.

Yoga & A Walk in The Woods: Join us for a yoga session at the mindfully well center focusing on nature elements which also correspond to our chakras or energy centers—Earth, water, fire, air and space. In this session we will use yoga movements, breathing and mudras (hand gestures) which evoke the qualities of these nature elements. After opening our energy centers and our hearts to nature, we will go on an optional hike at Glen Helen, providing an opportunity to relate to and absorb these nature elements.
Yoga Nidra Theory and Practice: Yoga nidra is a deeply relaxing and healing practice. Reclining, you will be guided through an exploration of the inner body, beginning with the familiar physical body, and moving through the subtle body as you develop awareness of the inner senses. Yoga nidra practice is rich in theory and variations of techniques.

Teaching Methodology

What you can expect from Mindfully Well Classes and Teachers: 

1.)  Health Focused Yoga: Our evidence based classes integrate current research findings with the ancient traditions of yoga to address specific health needs.

2.)  Adaptive Appraoches to Alignment & Movement:  Our teachers support and encourage proper alignment and optimal body mechanics according to your individualized body needs and abilitites. 

3.) Continuous Progression:  Classes offer variety and diversity as we transition from the most basic postures to more intense movements according to the makeup of the class.

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