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You Are Your Own Gym (bodyweight focused personal fitness training)

Exercise is medicine. Physical fitness is 'proactive' healthcare. Exercise goals can be prescribed in specific, individualized doses for targeted results.  

Utilizing the fundamentals of body weight exercises, a client can exercise anytime and anywhere without free weights or gym equipment. This style of training relies on core (trunk) centric engagement with cardiovascular, balance, coordination and strength challenges against one's own gravity. All clients are unique in the levers and geography of their body. Strengthening, coordinating and advancing within one's gross motor demands allows clients a sense of safer and more sophisticated movement over time. 

A core-centric approach to re-center the trunk of the body is the true foundation of body weight exercises. All lush and elegant arm and leg movements originate and reflect the connection to the core of the body (our umbilical cord region to be specific).

Training large movement muscles with mind-muscle cueing promotes a client to self study anatomy with thoughtful motor planning. Clients will be tested on baseline results of strength, endurance, balance and anthropometric measurements. Rechecking and retesting these areas every two weeks allows for gauging results and refining goals as needed.

$60 1:1 hour session
$300 1:1 (6 pack)
$30 small group hour 
$150 small group (6 pack)

Face & Neck exercise and toning
The face is the window to the world. Our face is more on 'display' than all other parts of our body. Keeping one's face in 'shape' is a self care and fitness speciality

Using specific attention and isolation of the muscles of the face and neck with exercises, a client can maximize the tone, contractibility and definition of their facial appearance. The 57 muscles of the face and neck are considered fine motor in movement. Using facial care techniques to tighten and tone muscles can lead to animated, expressive and cosmetic results. Clients will learn resistance techniques using hands and fingers paired with stretches of various muscles and muscle groups.

By energizing the facial structure with toning one experiences a natural facelift effect. Forehead, eyes, cheeks, nose, lips, chin and neck can all be isolated and targeted to brighten and contour. Anatomy studies and education to the facial muscle structures are used to maximize mind-muscle connection..

$40 for 1:1 half hour
$200 for 1:1 (six pack)
$30 small group half hour 
$150 small group (6 pack)

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Life Wellness/Holistic Health Coaching 
Investing in a vision for a healthier lifestyle involves goal setting that optimizes personal growth and habit changes. Physical fitness and exercise are proactive healthcare interventions that are only a part of the whole person wellness model. Emotional, cognitive, & sensory skills and needs are equally important avenues to tangible behavior changes that initially appear challenging and/or unmotivating. Holistic health promotes individualized strategies to find balance in the life areas of self care, leisure and work/productivity. 

Activity, nutrition and sleep are seen as the three foundational equals in creating life balance.

Initial and follow up goal setting are paired with assignments such as inventories, journaling, worksheets and follow up projects. Mindfulness and meta-cognition (understanding one's own thought processes) are also individually addressed to maximize clients growth. Other forms of life wellness coaching include organizing/decluttering, recovering financial health, kitchen/pantry makeovers, stress reduction, personal accountability, relaxation and leisure exploration.   

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