Dr. Huma Bashir, Ed.D, PCC-S, LICDC

Huma Bashir, Ed.D, PCC-S, LICDC


Huma Bashir, Ed.D, PCC-S, LICDC is an experienced counselor who believes in offering compassionate care to her clients as they face challenges with mental, emotional and substance abuse problems. Trained in PTSD, substance abuse, mood and anxiety disorders, and relational issues, she also shares her expertise by serving as a supervisor for counselors at WellSpring in Springfield, Ohio. 

Presently working at her private practice in Springfield, Huma began her career as a mental health outpatient counselor in an agency setting.  During that time, she received her doctorate in Counselor Education and Supervision from the University of Cincinnati (2012). She now serves as an Assistant Professor in the Clinical Mental Health Department at Wright State University where she works with undergraduate and graduate students in classroom and clinical settings.

As a professor, Huma’s collaborative approach truly engages her students, creating an experience that meshes theory and research with real-world experience.  This creates a learning environment within which students can internalize how to use the multiple facets of their lives to make informed decisions.  Her teaching approach serves as an opportunity to share and expose students to views other than their own, expanding their perspective, helping to create thinkers who value the diversity of the world’s ever-changing environments.

Her research has investigated multicultural issues and their intersection with counseling from the ecological perspective, with a focus on mood disorders and maternal depression.  She has worked with a variety of children, teens, adults, couples, and families across a variety of ethnic and cultural backgrounds. 

By meshing her clinical and academic experience, Huma is able to help her patients learn to operate in a balanced, more positive manner, leading to more productive lives.

 When she interacts with students, bringing the same experience to bear, she is training the next generation of clinical counselors who will be able to help their patients learn to better-care for themselves, finding positive ways to interact with the world.

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