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Jean Farkas, MA

Yoga has been a lifelong quest for me. My own journey with muscle/joint pain and stress has led me down many paths and helped me integrate information and teachings into my Yoga realm. It’s been a great privilege to be able to help empower others to find their own healing path.

FarkasJean Farkas, MA

In 1995, Jean received yoga teacher training from Integrative Yoga Therapy (IYT), an organization which views yoga as therapy and specializes in training people to teach in non-traditional settings. She has attended numerous IYT advanced trainings, including Mudra (yoga hand gestures) training which has become a special interest. As a teacher, she has taught older adults, people with heart disease, cancer and many other health conditions, and currently teaches yoga to women in a homeless shelter. 

A holistic approach to health has always been a passion for Jean. She is now retired from a career in health and wellness management in non-profit organizations which spans 30+ years. She directed health and wellness programs for senior citizens, woman, and people with heart disease and cancer. She founded a holistic health program at a local hospital and served as the Stress Management (yoga-based) Facilitator for the Dean Ornish Program for Reversing Heart Disease. Later, she developed the Conscious Living Program for people with heart disease. She has presented numerous workshops on stress management and other topics in business and group settings. She has also been trained in Healing Touch, an energy-healing program for health care professionals. 

 When Jean injured her hip running, she discovered the Egoscue Method of postural alignment. Based on relieving pain by addressing postural misalignment, it was the only thing which helped her. She went on to get her certification in 2006 as a postural alignment specialist and now helps others who experience pain due to posture issues.

 Jean continues to teach yoga classes at her home in Beavercreek, sees individual postural alignment and yoga therapy clients, and presents workshops.  

 Jean spends as much time as she can in nature, which nourishes her soul. She is a land steward for the Arc of Appalachia Preserve System ( with a life estate on a beautiful wooded property near the Rocky Fork Gorge.  She does Spirit in Nature workshops in this setting.   


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