Men’s Mindfulness & Meaning (3 Ms)

3 Ms - Men's Mindfulness and Meaning Group

Mondays            6:00-7:30PM

This 10-week journey is for young men.

Our men's group offers participants the opportunity to dialogue with others, and themselves, about the transitions they are facing in their lives.  Through this dialogue, we work towards a critical understanding of the expectations and obstacles that form the contexts for many of life's changes.  This understanding can form the foundation for formulating new, creative, and more satisfying ways forward.  We use mindfulness, points of philosophical thought, meditative movement, reflections on mythic themes and stories, and expressive arts activities as entry points into the growth-directed exploration this group seeks to foster.  Our overall hope for everyone who participates in this group is to feel empowered to craft futures that are full of meaning and are congruent with the hopes and values they hold dear.

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