Technician - Madison Glover

MadisonMadison Glover is currently working towards her Bachelor’s of Science degree in Psychology and Pre-med at Wright State University. She has been in the field since 2019 and she is currently completing a year long internship at Sycamore Sleep Center, working under Dr. Rose Mary Shaw. She has a comprehensive understanding of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia and data analytic and graphing  through her work at the Sleep Clinic.

Her exposure to EEG technology while completing the internship is extensive. She went on to received specialized supervision and training with quanitiative EEG analysis and neurofeedback training from Christen H. Stahl, MA, BCN, Neurofeedback specialist. During  the past year, she has successfully guided numerous clients through the neurofeedback program; this includes conducting initial and final QEEG assessments and providing  neurofeedback training.

She has a certification in Mental Health First Aid, which is a national program for skills pertaining to mental health, such as deescalation. Madison has substantial experience in child care (ages 0-10) starting from 2016 to present day. She is also a technician for a wellness company that focuses on physical recovery and injury prevention using different forms of physical therapy.

Her interests include both pediatrics and neurology, which she has extensive prior experience with. Madison plans to attend medical school at  Wright State University after graduating with her Bachelor’s degree in 2022.

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