Leadership Team

leadershipOur leadership team is comprised of Joseph Shaw and Cassie McClellan.  

Cassie is our Chief Financial Officer (CFO). She brings a wealth of experience from her previous  duties as a COO of an international logistic corporation. She is a licensed customs broker and holds a degree in Mathematics from Kent State University.

Cassie has easily translated her international experience  and financial insights as she provides leadership, direction and management of the finance and investment decisions of Transitional Life Counseling LLC and My Neu Mind. In this role she provides strategic recommendations concerning financial forecasting, planning and implementation of budgets, and billing and employment matters. She also play a major role in establishing and developing relations with external agencies and insurance carriers. Most importantly, she strives to make the patient experience as smooth as possible. 

Joseph Shaw, EET, is our Chief of Operations (COO). As an experienced electronics engineering technician, he brings decades of experience working on highly technical projects including research and design work supporting the US Air Force, Flight Dynamics Laboratory, Structures Division. Here his innovations were utilized to enhance dynamic testing methodologies, designing, creating and incorporating, one of a kind, state of the art, electronic systems and sub-systems, and were published. Joseph now brings this technical experience to the area of human factors. He received  foundational training in qEEG and Neurofeedback from Stress Therapy Solutions 2018. He currently oversees all the technical aspects of the qEEG / Neurofeedback clinic at My Neu Mind. His level of technical expertise serves to enhance standard equipment setup and programs and make them more user friendly and technically savvy.

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