Neuro-Feedback for Brain Enhancement

MNM brain What is Neurofeedback?

Neurofeedback is an interactive and engaging treatment that helps strengthen and retrain your brain. Through a gradual process of observation and reward, the brain is retrained to operate more efficiently and effectively.  Reported benefits include improved mental clarity and memory, restful sleep, and a host of other benefits. Over time, new neuro-pathways are created, thus the effects of the training last beyond the training sessions.

So how does it work?

  • Neurofeedback is a specialized treatment that uses advanced computer technology for balancing and optimizing your brain.
  • Neurofeedback is also called EEG Biofeedback, because it is based on the measurement of electrical brain activity, the electroencephalogram, or EEG.
  • Sensors (electrodes) are placed onto the scalp that allow the technician to listen to the brain activity and promote certain frequencies in order to regulate the brain function.
  • This information is fed back to the client in the form of a video based activity that they control with their mind.
  • Brainwave activity is gradually ‘shaped’ toward more desirable, regulated performance with respect to the condition of dysregulation that is being treated.
  • Self-regulation training allows the central nervous system to function better.

So what does it help?

  • Neurofeedback is training in self-regulation. Good self-regulation is necessary for optimal functioning.
  • Self-regulation training enhances the function of the central nervous system and thereby improves mental performance, emotional control and physiological stability.

Neurofeedback has been used successfully to improve conditions of brain dysregulation including:

  • ADD/ADHD                                      Depression                  PMS
  • Anxiety                                             Headaches                  Insomnia
  • Autism spectrum disorder            Memory                      Traumatic Brain Injury
  • Chronic pain                                    PTSD                            Concussions

In 2010, the American Academy of Pediatrics gave neurofeedback a high scientific rating for ADD/ADHD. (Reference:  EEG Info & Amen Clinics research)

Note: Generally, a QEEG assessment is done first to provide additional data for your Individualized Neurofeedback Treatment Plan (INTP).

madison q

What is a qEEG?

QEEG (Quantitative Electroencephalogram) is a diagnostic tool, which measures electrical activity in the form of brainwave patterns. This tells us how your brain cells are communicating and helps us target an individualized treatment plan, including Neurofeedback, to your brain’s needs.

It is a painless, non-invasive procedure that takes about 30 minutes and helps by:

  • Identifying cognitive and psychiatric problems
  • Showing how your brainwave patterns can be improved
  • Tracking your progress with different therapies and treatments
  • Provides objective information used to create your individualized neurofeedback program or guide other therapies to strengthen your brain.
  • In conjunction with neuropsychological findings, QEEG gives us additional information about how your brain functions and can be used for baseline information as well as to track progress with treatment.

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