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A Time of Gratitude
May we receive the Blessings of Abundance and Good Health
Newsletter Contents
  • Time of Gratitude
  • Community Pot Luck: next one in January
  • NEW Integral Yoga w/ Kohila Durga
  • Holiday Gifts of Love
  • Mindful Eating Awareness Lessons (MEAL Plan)
  • Honoring our National Parks: Water
  • Ayurvedic Recipe:Whipped Yams w/ Coconut Cream
  • Fall Yoga Schedule
Message from Dr. Rose Mary Shaw,
Director of the Mindfully Well Center
Time of Gratitude
Welcome back to all of our readers!
This time of year our eyes are filled with the splendor of the fall colors as the leaves dance freely carried by the blustery winds. I invite you to also find the freedom to join the Dance of Life and be colorful and joyful as you express your gratitude for all of your blessings, big and small. May we also take time for Karma Yoga, the act of serving another, without expectation of something in return. Take the time to offer a warm coat or a even a meal to someone you do not know. Take time to call an old friend or someone that has experienced loss or separation this past year. Here is where our altruistic nature can be expressed as our Soul steps out and serves all. Here is where the the Dance of Life begins.
Peace to you and your loved ones!!!
Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti!
Be Well my friends! Reach out and send Prayers of Loving Kindness to All Beings near and far!
Monthly Community Pot Luck
Due to holiday travels,
we will not be hosting Pot Luck Gatherings in November & December.
Please reserve the Third Saturday of the Month on your 2018 calendar.
Time:  6:30-9:00PM
We look forward to Growing in Love & Peace together in 2018.
MWC welcomes Kohila Durga
***New Class***Integral Yoga
09:30 - 11:00A.M.
December 2, 9, 16, 23, 30
Introductory offer-No charge
Come and meet Kohila as she returns fresh from her Integral Yoga Teacher Training. Although she is newly certified, she is no beginner to yoga. Kohila Durga grew up at the Integral Yoga Center in Virginia, where she attended school, meditation and sacred dance from an early age. She brings a complete Intergal Yoga class including chanting, asanas, pranayama and guided deep relaxation and meditation.
Come out and join us as we welcome Kohila Durga on
Saturdays  in December from 9:30-11:00A.M.
Love offerings are accepted for Kohila!
Are You an Early Holiday Shopper?
See below for a Special Gift of Love!
Holiday  Love: Give a Gift of Healing Spirit
MWC Gift Certificate: You are invited to share the bliss & serenity you enjoy.
Gift Certificates are loadable -
You decide the amount of the gift
... your friend gets to pick their service  from
the Menu on their lovely gift card!
Share... Your Moments of Bliss!
Call --- 937-769-5019 or Stop by and Shop!
Mindful Eating Awareness Lessons (MEAL Plan)
Thursdays 4:00-5:30P.M.
September 21 - December 7

Our Mindful Eating class is coming to an end as we put the finishing touches on our shopping list and Meal Planning for the Holidays. We wish to thank and congratulate all of our 2017 participants.
The 2018 MEAL class will be be offered in the Spring...TBA
Cost: 200.00 for 10 sessions
Covers cost of food, herbs and spices.
Pre-registration is required. Call 937-769-5019
Honoring our National Parks:
Grand Tetons


The water understands
Civilization well;
It wets my foot, but prettily,
It chills my life, but wittily,
It is not disconcerted,
It is not broken-hearted:
Well used, it decketh joy,
Adorneth, doubleth joy:
Ill used, it will destroy,
In perfect time and measure
With a face of golden pleasure
Elegantly destroy.
Source: Poets of the English Language (Viking Press, 1950
Join the movement to support and preserve our National Parks!
Whipped Yams with Coconut Cream
These whipped yams are cooked in warm, slightly oily  coconut cream and they're revered in Ayurveda for their calming effect on the gut. . . Plus the sweetness and dense fibers of yams satisfy the sweet tooth that tends to turn on in cool weather. Kate O'Donnelloct Oct 12, 2016
Preparation Time: 120 minutes
Serves 4-6
Use organic ingredients whenever possible.
6 medium-large yams (garnet or jewel)
1/4 cup coconut cream, skimmed from top of 1 can coconut milk*
1 tbsp coconut oil
1 tbsp peeled, finely grated ginger root
1 tsp salt
2 tbsp shredded coconut
Heat oven to 400°.
Pierce each yam with a fork a few times, and place on a baking sheet.
Bake yams until soft, about 1 hour.
Wait until yams are cool enough to handle, then peel skin.
In a bowl, combine yams, coconut cream, coconut oil, ginger, and salt.
Use a hand blender and blend until smooth.
Transfer whipped yams to a serving bowl and top with shredded coconut.
* Save the milk for soups and curries
Recipe from Yoga Journal Oct 12, 2016
December Yoga Schedule:
Monday     Better Bones                    10:00 AM
Tuesday     Gentle Awakening            10:00 AM
Tuesday     Yoga is Mediation              6:30  PM
Saturday     Integral Yoga w/Kohila  09:30  AM
Drop-In Fee      10
Class Pass          80 for 10 Classes
Nature photography by Jeremiah Shaw!
Grand Tetons & Yellowstone Nat'l Parks
MindFully Well Center | 937-769-5019
1525 Xenia Ave., Yellow Springs, Ohio 45387
Setting Up Good Vibrations
Honor of our Solar Logos
Full Solar Eclipse
August 21, 2017
Central OhioViewing 90% Eclipse
1:00 PM Partial
2:30  PM Peak
Newsletter Contents
  • Raising Vibrations & Shifting Consciousness
  • Movement to shift our Vibes at Community Pot Luck
  • Shirodhara: August Discount
  • Reiki I : Step-up & Receive Your Atonement
  • Summer Program: Soma-energetics
  • Women Warrior Empowerment Group
  • Tai Chi for Balance of Mind and Body
  • Shirodhara-August Discount
  • Free Lecture Series:Brining Balance to Your Mind & Body rhythms through Neurofeedback
Message from Dr. Rose Mary Shaw,
Director of the Mindfully Well Center
Raising Vibrations and Shifting Consciousness
Welcome back to all of our readers! The world appears to be in a scurry as people prepare to position themselves physically in just the right location to see the Solar Eclipse on the 21st of August. Many have secured their spots at the precipice of the viewing in the Grand Tetons while others head to the mountains of Tennessee. All of this physical preparation is taking place for an event that will last 2-3 minutes of everyday time. I invite you to begin the inner journey, the one that can last a lifetime. If indeed we  are primarily a Soul having a physical experience, then we need to start our
journey today from a point of view of Soul growth. Begin by examining and cleansing your physical, mental and spiritual environment s. Lighten up the body and raise the vibration of the mind. The last time we had such a global focus on a designated time and date was August 1987, the time of the Harmonic Convergence. This day was the beginning of a higher vibrational lifestyle for many. The shift in consciousness on the planet was felt like a wave that traveled across the globe. People greeted each other with love, formed new and lasting relationships and began a journey they never imagined. This upcoming solar eclipse can serve as one of those planetary moments. Those that raise
their vibrations and shift their consciousness will feel the wave, others will just leave their viewing sight in disappointment saying,
Is that all there is?
Last month, I spoke of Mosha, the ultimate Liberation of the Soul, today we are seeing an explicitly defined time and potential opportunity to raise the awareness and begin your journey toward
Liberation. One can only come to this place through oneness with our Atman, our higher Self. This Consciousn ess connects us directly to the Divine. It brings us back to understanding that we have never truly been separate or alone. We have always been
One with the Divine , we have only temporarily forgotten. Before us we have an opportunity to return bac k to the path towards inner knowledge. This knowingness leads right back to the ultimate existence, the one with the All. So, be like the rain drop that perpetually returns to the Ocean, recycling until journey's end and flow down your path toward convergence with your divine Source.
Blessings to you as you begin your journey. The MWC is offering many activities and services this month that can assist in the process of Self-realization and vibrational atunement.
Om Shanti, Peace be unto you!
Be Well my friends!
Stay out of the darkness and re-enter the Light!
Monthly Community Pot Luck
AUGUST SPECIAL 20% discount.
* The Most Popular Therapy in Ayurveda.
You are invited to experience bliss and serenity during this most auspicious month.
Shirodhara involves the steady flow of warm oil onto the forehead. This gentle process stimulates the pituitary gland, or "third-eye." This is one of the most divine therapies, awakening your body's intuitive knowledge.
This treatment is profoundly relaxing and nourishing.  It will improve your  mental clarity and comprehension.

Benefits of Shirodhara

  • Awakens intuition & spiritual awareness through s timulation of Ajna & Crown chakras.
  • Relieves stress, anxiety, depression, and insomnia through release of natural serotonin, dopamine, and melatonin
  • Improves mental clarity and concentration
  • Balances VATA DOSHA
  • Reduces and relieves migraine headaches
  • Deeply relaxes mind and body
Please call to schedule your appointment in advance.
Mention Promo Code: Aug 20%
We will return your call & schedule... Your Moments of Bliss! Call --- 937-769-5019.
RE IKI - Level One
Saturday August 19
9:00A.M. -6:00PM
Shift your internal & external vibrations during this experiential class on vibrational medicine.
The word Reiki comes from the word
REI which means God's Wisdom and
Ki which means Life force.
This ancient technique involves the transmission of this life force creating many benefits including relaxation & feeling peaceful and tuned-in to  a higher level of awareness. This technique is independent of religious persuasions or belief systems.  It is an introductory level class, thus no previous experience is required.
Benefits of Reiki
  • Relieves stress, triggering the body's natural healing ability
  • Balance of Mind-Body, it can be a valuable tool on your quest for spiritual growth
  • Release of emotional stress & sorrow
  • Some reports of reduction & relief from migraine headaches
  • Some reports indicate a beneficial effect in the recovery post surgery
  • Excerpts from Balance Reiki & Nutrition founder Susan Faith Noss, MS, RD
Instructor: Victoria Rush-Haren, Reiki Master
Cost: 95.00
Pre-registration is requested.
Other Reiki Classes Available: Reiki II, III & Teacher Level
Summer Workshop:New Classes
SomaEnergetics Program
David Hulse, CVSMT
Sunday, August 27, 1-5:30
1) "Using the Solfeggio to Match the Frequency of YOUR Desires!"
Through the science of sound we can open vibrational pathways that connect our personal energy body to Universal Energy matching the frequency of our hearts desires.

Workshop includes working with Solfeggio Energy Tuners including protocols for:

  • Aligning with Soul Purpose
  • Rating consciousness
  • Peace of Mind
  • Harmonious Relationships
  • Career or Job Change
  • You wil also learn how to create your own protocols
2) "Brainwaves and Sacred Ratios with Brain, Sun and Moon, and Fibonacci Tuners!"
Using Brain Tuners to Enhance Your Quality of Life and Open Portals for Manifestation!
FYI from David: Your brain has nerve cells that fire
electrical signals and oscillate in distinctive arrangements called
brainwave patterns . These patterns are closely connected to your thoughts, emotions, moods, biological chemistry, everything you do, and really, everything you are.
Imagine if you could easily and gently change those patterns and enter which ever state of mind you desire at any time through the use of tuning forks! We will also learn a technique to enter altered states of consciousness with Fibonacci Tuners!
Experiential Workshop - we will learn techniques and play with the forks!
Early Bird Combo (register before August 20)
for both workshops is $49, after that it's $59.
Receive a $15 product credit to use at the workshop.
Women Warrior Empowerment Group (WEE)
Wednesdays 6:30-8:00P.M.
July 12 - Sept 13

T his 10-week journey is for young women longing to empower their Spirit, while reinvigorating their Body and Mind. We will grow together in our loving accepting community through Warrior Mask making, drumming circles, yoga postures & meditation.
Ta i Chi for Balance of Mind & Body
July 13- August 31
Thursday Evenings 6:30-8:00P.M.
8 Class Series - 80.00
Drop-Ins (10.00) Welcome
Master Dee Arianne Rockwood is an accomplished martial artists and Tai Chi Master.
She is offering an eight-week course:
Tai Chi Yang-Style: Modified Short Form.
The focusing of your Internal Strength in support of your physical b ody by controlled movement and breathing.
Possible Outcomes (per published literature)
  • Increased BALANCE and Coordination- beneficial in the recovery of STROKE and or INJURY , as well as, improving and maintaining your FLEXIBILITY .
  • Regaining MENTAL ACUITY , sharpening focus; some medical evidence of helping to fight dementia.
  • Oxygenation of your blood & stimulation of Cardio-Vascular System.
  • IMMUNE SYSTEM strengthened by expanding & cleaning  the Lungs through the stretching & revitalizing of the capillaries for more efficient exchange of Oxygen & Carbon Dioxide
  • This Ancient Chinese form of Exercise has the reputation for increasing longevity of it's practitioners.
Registration is $80.00 for the 8 week course.
Call now to register: 937-769-5019 or drop-in $10.00 & explore the class.
FREE Summer Lecture Series:
Red, White and Bliss  via Neurofeedback
Saturday, September 15
2:00-4:00 P.M.
Bringing Balance to your Mind & Body
Rhythms through Neurofeedback
--presented by
Rose Mary Shaw, PsyD, AyD
Joseph Shaw, EET, Neurofeedback Tech
We will explore Neurofeedback and it's practical approach to minding your health and wellness.
Nature photography by Jeremiah Shaw!
MindFully Well Center | 937-769-5019
1525 Xenia Ave., Yellow Springs, Ohio 45387

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