Panchakarma promotes health by relieving stress, removing toxins from the entire body, and bringing the the body’s natural energies, or what Ayurvedic practitioners call “doshas”, into balance. The doshas relate to the elemental energies of air, fire, and water.

So, for example, if a person is suffering from anxiety, their disorder might be explained by saying they have too much “Vata” (mental, or “air”) energy, and if they have a problem with inflammation, the Ayurvedic diagnosis would be too much “Pitta”, or heat energy.

The Panchakarma program begins with gentle detox yoga and meditation, followed by hot ginger tea and a light breakfast. After that, clients receive Ayurvedic therapies such as “Vata pacifying” (stress relieving) massage, Nasyam, the application of herb infused oils to the nostrils, Swedana, a therapeutic steam treatment, and Shirodhara, the application of a continuous flow of warm herbal oil to the forehead. Cleansing and purging treatments to detoxify the gastrointestinal tract are also performed.

Panchakarma treatments take place at various times throughout the day, and educational lectures are given in the evening. Lunch and dinner are included.

$2,900 (Seven days, includes Ayurvedic therapies, lunch, dinner, and lectures)

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