Yoga for Health

Mindfully Well Center Presents: Yoga for Health

Harmonizing the Mind, Body and Spirit

Join us as we take a physical, mental and emotional break from our daily duties and routines. Yoga for Health offers an individualized approach to stress management as it aims to address your specific health needs.
From Mindfulness Stress Reduction to specialized Yoga Nidra, our classes nourish your body and soothe your soul!

Our experienced yoga teachers are trained in many disciplines including counseling, philosophy and physics, music therapy and health promotions. They integrate their Tender, Loving Care approach to yoga with these areas of expertise to create a specialized yoga environment.

We welcome you to join us in our cozy yoga studio!

Weekly Yoga Schedule

Teaching Methodology

What you can expect from Mindfully Well Classes and Teachers:

1.) Health Focused Yoga : Our evidence based classes integrate current research findings with the ancient traditions of yoga to address specific health needs.

2.) Adaptive Appraoches to Alignment & Movement:  Our teachers support and encourage proper alignment and optimal body mechanics according to your individualized body needs and abilitites.

3.) Continuous Progression :  Classes offer variety and diversity as we transition from the most basic postures to more intense movements according to the makeup of the class.

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